To provide a complete range of mental healthcare, WellBridge operates an Intensive Outpatient Program in addition to its inpatient hospital facility.

Tremendous progress is being made in the treatment and management of mental illness, and WellBridge is at the forefront of helping patients take advantage of the latest and most effective treatments. Today, most mental illnesses can be controlled and maintained to allow people to regain positive mental health and a normal quality of life. Like most health conditions, proper treatment and regular maintenance are needed to successfully manage symptoms and support ongoing wellbeing.

At the WellBridge Intensive Outpatient Program, people in need of mental healthcare receive a full complement of mental healthcare resources in an office-like setting. Some patients, especially those who may be experiencing a heightened period of mental health distress, may come to the IOP for several hours per day on several days per week. This period of intensive treatment helps to rapidly reduce the severity and frequency of symptoms and help patients regain peace of mind. Once patients are showing progress and are on their way to better mental wellbeing, the treatment progressively focuses on maintenance, and the frequency and duration of visits decreases. Patients in good mental health come to the IOP center periodically to meet with their therapist, receive medication management, or to take part in other therapies to support their ongoing positive mental health. The WellBridge IOP provides individual and group therapy sessions, medication management, and other mental health services patients may need to maintain good mental health.


  • A safe, compassionate environment
  • Program oversight by board-certified psychiatrists
  • Individual, family, and group therapy options
  • Individualized care
  • Monthly meetings with physicians
  • Assistance identifying early warning signs of relapse
  • Seamless discharge planning to ensure continued healing
  • Tools to support ongoing symptom management and overall well-being
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