Referral Process

WellBridge manages the voluntary and involuntary admissions process for patients requiring inpatient treatment. WellBridge regularly works with medical professionals to assess patients and help them get the experienced, comprehensive mental healthcare services they need. We specialize in providing intensive psychiatric treatment to adults 50 years of age and above. Through individualized treatment, a low client-to-staff ratio, and innovative treatment, many of our patients return to positive mental health and are ready to leave inpatient services within about two weeks. We also provide complete IOP services.

When you call WellBridge, you will speak with an experienced admissions professional trained to assess patient needs and start the admissions process if necessary. While most WellBridge patients enter treatment on a voluntary basis, others who pose a threat to themselves or others may require involuntary detention. WellBridge manages the TDO (Temporary Detaining Order) process to ensure patient dignity, foster family communication, and manage expectations. We provide transportation from your location to our modern hospital facility and manage all the necessary documentation, legal aspects, and communication protocols required to ensure appropriate and compassionate care is provided.

Referring professionals can be assured that WellBridge provides patients with excellent treatment, dignity, and ongoing management of conditions.

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