Inpatient Mental Health Treatment for Adults Ages 50+


Patients admitted to the WellBridge Fort Worth Inpatient Mental Health program receive 24-hour supervised psychiatric treatment and crisis support for mental health issues. Emphasis is on identifying crisis symptoms, stabilizing behaviors, identifying environmental supports and increasing the coping skills of each patient. WellBridge provides effective, compassionate mental health care through a multi-disciplinary team comprised of licensed mental health care professionals, including an attending psychiatrist, nurses, social workers, dietician and activity therapist. 

Hospital patients will receive compassionate and comprehensive mental healthcare, including the following services: 

  • Crisis stabilization 

  • Supervision by board certified psychiatrists 

  • Monitoring by our clinical staff with medical physician oversight 

  • Medication management 

  • Individual therapy 

  • Group counseling 

  • Neuropsychological testing 

  • Physical therapy 

  • Music, art, & pet therapy 

  • Occupational therapy 

  • Diet & nutrition consultations 

  • Treatment team meetings 

  • Discharge planning 

  • Continuing outpatient care


Individuals experiencing an of the following may be eligible for treatment:

  • Feelings of loneliness, worthlessness or hopelessness 

  • Suicidal or homicidal thoughts 

  • Depression and anxiety 

  • Increased anxiety 

  • False beliefs, paranoia, or delusional thoughts 

  • Auditory and visual hallucinations 

  • Prolonged emotional issues after a major life event 

  • Behavioral changes related to medications 

  • The worsening or escalation of lifelong behavioral issues 

  • Excessive cursing and swearing 

  • Aggressive behavior toward others 

  • Excessive isolation 

  • Difficulty managing daily activities 

  • Inappropriate sexual behavior 

  • Increased complaints or demands 

  • Increase or decrease in appetite or sleep 

  • Trouble concentrating 

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Inpatient Adult Substance Use & Addiction Treatment 


WellBridge provides private treatment services for addiction to alcohol, prescription drugs, opioids and other mood-altering substances. The
comprehensive treatment continuum includes a range of inpatient detoxification, dual diagnosis (mental health and substance use), inpatient and outpatient programs that have helped hundreds of individuals learn to manage their addictions. Programming in all levels of care addresses the emotional, physical, spiritual and psychological needs of each patient and includes family services and aftercare as integral components of the comprehensive treatment program. Patients receive 24-hour medical supervision in an inpatient level of care that is less medically intensive than acute Inpatient Mental Health Care.

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Live Well Recovery Program™: Inpatient Adult Co-Occurring Diagnosis Treatment


The Live Well Recovery Program™ addresses the symptoms of a patient suffering from co-occurring psychiatric and substance use issues through customized treatment plans. Dual diagnosis provides treatment for addiction while also addressing the symptoms of the co-occurring mental health condition. Services are available through all levels of care to accommodate each patient’s unique recovery needs.

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All WellBridge Fort Worth Inpatient Programs May Feature:

  •  Supervision by board-certified psychiatrists

  • Individual and group therapy

  • Medication management

  • 24 hour monitoring by our clinical staff with medical physician oversight

  • Management of medical issues

  • Discharge planning

  • Continuing outpatient care

  • Health, fitness and nutrition education

  • Holistic Treatments: Yoga therapy, art therapy, music therapy, pet therapy, recreation therapy 


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Treatment begins with a confidential assessment by a qualified mental health professional. Please call 817.361.1991 24/7 365 days a year, or fill out the form below and one of our WellBridge team members will contact you. Your personal information will be kept confidential and will not be shared with anyone.


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WellBridge Healthcare complies with applicable Federal civil rights laws and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, disability, or sex. Additionally, language assistance services and communication aids are available, free of charge, to individuals whose primary language is not English, are limited-English-proficient or are hearing-impaired. For further information about our non-discrimination and availability of services policy, contact: Patient Advocate/Grievance Coordinator, (817) 361-1991, TTY/State Relay Number 7-1-1 or click here.